Revvellutionize Your Life

Revvellutionize Your Life In 30 Days ~ A Self-Empowering Playbook

I created this playbook while at a friend's retreat. It just came to me that the exercises in this playbook, since they've worked and continue to work for me, others will find useful as well and they have. I utilize the exercises in this book in my many workshops and teleclasses to assist my students in acknowledging and recognizing the good, making conscious choices to heal relationships with food, people and money, and acknowledge potential self-sabotaging fears. This book is available as a softcover and as an ebook.

"Everything is pretty dandy but I think it's because I've been working
so hard the last year and using your funbook tools. Appreciation
(which changes brain chemistry, opens one to manifestation), Choosing
(making better choices overall and working to goals with them) and
Fear work (acknowledging what scares me and then realizing it is
unfounded) . This was hard for me because I rarely feel fear...I
really had to dig. I'm better for it...

I thank you Revvell from the bottom of my heart. These simple actions
really emphasize a more Buddah like nature in me (most of the
time-haha!). In about one year from your teleclass I have....."


Apasaraw, Southern California


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