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Revvell Revati and guests talk about raw food, living food, weight loss, health, nutrition and more. Some of her guests include Victoria Boutenko, David Wolfe, Matt Monarch, Brenda Cobb, Dr. Doug Graham and MANY more! Hear their stories from a different perspective.. how did they do it? Transition or jump right in? Did they detox and if so, what happened? Hear Philip McCluskey\'s story of eliminating 200 pounds in 2 years. Do they use supplements? What and who changed around them? How do they stay raw when traveling? Hear these stories and many more as Revvell gets into their lives. Revvell Revati is the author of Smoothies and Smoozies for Life and is and the creator of the Revvellutionize Your Life In 30 Days Self-Empowering system. Besides Rawkin Radio, check out her other shows ~; and


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Smoothies and Smoozies for Life

This book came about originally because people kept asking for green smoothie (smoozie) recipes. I started it then procrastinated on finishing it until my mother died in 2006. My cousin said ".... should have given your mother her (name a poison-in-a-can being recommended by doctors now-a-days.)" As my mother was the one who originally introduced me to a different way of eating for health, and not for any other reason, that comment spurred me on to finishing the book and dedicating it to her. Everyone who cares for themselves and/or for others, should pick up and utilize the more than 70 recipes in this book to assist them in creating health by supporting their immune system with the life-giving properties of raw and living whole foods. This book is available as a softcover or as an ebook.



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